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elfy. ♥

trying to come back.


Nickname: elfy, elfie
Country: Canada

TV junkie. Movie lover (horror). Listening to music and discovering new artists. Discover quite a bit from TV & movies. Traveling and discovering new places! Football/Soccer Fan. Photography. Accents = ♥ . Big fandom lover. Tends to ship couples. Loves going to concerts.

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. fandoms .

Bones • Brothers & Sisters • Cake Boss • Castle • Chuck • Fringe • The Glades • Glee • Grey's Anatomy • Hawaii Five-0 • House • Hellcats • How I Met Your Mother • Lie To Me • The Mentalist • NCIS • Off the Map • Parenthood • The Ricky Gervais Show • Rookie Blue • Royal Pains • White Collar
Watches » The Big Bang Theory • Criminal Minds • CSI • CSI: NY • Flashpoint • Gossip Girl • Private Practice • Sex & the City • The Voice
Old Faves » Friends • Gilmore Girls • JAG • Prison Break • Veronica Mars

Booth & Brennan ♥ Cal & Gillian ♥ Castle & Beckett ♥ Chuck & Sarah ♥ Grissom & Sara ♥ House & Cuddy ♥ Neal & Peter (bromance) ♥ Rigsby & Vanpelt ♥ Sam & Andy

. people .

Jennifer Aniston • Simon Baker • Matt Bomer • Sandra Bullock • Robert Downey Jr. • Nathan Fillion • Colin Firth • Neil Patrick Harris • Hugh Jackman • Hugh Laurie • Zachary Levi • Dennis Quaid • Ryan Reynolds • Julia Roberts • Adam Sandler • Meryl Streep

. football/soccer .

I bleed CHELSEA Blue. I love FC Barcelona.
Frank Lampard • Lionel Messi • David Beckham • Petr Cech • Andres Iniesta • Branislav Ivanovic • David Luiz • John Terry • David Villa • Xavi

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accents, adam sandler, australia, b&b, billy talent, bob marley, bones, books, booth/brennan, branislav ivanovic, brothers & sisters, brothers and sisters, cal/gillian, canada, castle, chelsea fc, chocolate, cinema, citizen cope, city & colour, city and colour, coldplay, comedy, conan o'brien, concerts, csi, csi: new york, csi:ny, david boreanaz, david gray, death cab for cutie, dennis quaid, england, family, fanart, feist, film, finding nemo, flashpoint, football, frank lampard, friends, gil grissom, gilmore girls, glee, gossip girl, graphics, greg sanders, grey's anatomy, grissom/sara, gsr, harry potter, himym, house, house md, house/cuddy, house/wilson, huddy, hugh grant, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, icons, internet, ireland, irish men, iron man, jack black, jag, jane/lisbon, jeffrey dean morgan, jennifer aniston, kings of leon, lie to me, lightman/foster, love actually, lyrics, matt bomer, matthew perry, merder, meredith/derek, movies, mumford and sons, music, ncis, neil patrick harris, new zealand, our lady peace, owen wilson, patrick dempsey, patrick jane, photography, piano, prison break, private practice, ps. i love you, reading, rob lowe, robert downey jr, romantic comedies, rookie blue, ryan reynolds, sam/andy, sandra bullock, sherlock holmes, simon baker, snow patrol, soccer, surfing the web, television, the beatles, the killers, the listener, the mentalist, the national, the rolling stones, the white stripes, tim roth, travel, traveling, travelling, tv, tv shows, u2, veronica mars, vince vaughn, watching tv/movies, white collar, will ferrell